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Learn electronic music production and modern songwriting

Sit tight for our 2018-2019 school year schedule! Coming soon!

In the meantime, you can always sign up for the online Torches Academy ongoing instruction here!


  • Ongoing lessons from experienced minds.

  • Live training based on your projects and music.

  • Interactive chat and 24/7 guidance available.

  • A community of peers to network and collaborate.

invest in yourself.

In this day and age, not all of us have the funds and resources to pursue music within a higher education institution. Supplemental education like Torches Academy has become increasingly more popular in recent years, due to the no-risk, no-commitment experience with a focus only on self-improvement.

Becoming a career musician nowadays is all about drive and entrepreneurship. Music is a trade, and industry professionals are more interested in seeing and hearing what you're capable of than what credentials you have. Torches Academy is the affordable path to the end goal.

master the craft.

Our curriculum is growing every day, and we touch on all aspects of a career in music. Workshops and lessons include:

  • Music Production
  • Modern Songwriting
  • Sound Design
  • Arrangement
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Music Business
  • Artistry and Marketing
  • Modern Career Paths


Online classrooms molded to our members' needs to make sure no one is ever without the proper knowledge and know-how.

Submit your livestream requests directly through our website so we can all work on your music together!


Our Discord server is absolutely free to join! Stay in touch with your instructors, meet like-minded musicians, and get assistance with your projects. 

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Our ever growing archive of lessons, workshops, presets, and templates will make sure that you are never short on information or resources. Download a Sytrus preset pack on us!

what you'll get as a pro member

Access to lessons and workshops for music production, modern songwriting, sound design, artistry, music business, and more.

Downloadable content like sound presets, templates, and stems released under Torches Academy.

Regular, interactive livestreams on member material by our instructors where you can ask questions and get live feedback on your music.

Full access to our great social communities where you can meet, converse, and collaborate with other like-minded musicians.

Full access to scheduled workshops from guest instructors and industry professionals to further develop your skills.

Priority for freelancing, film/video game scoring, and music licensing for any Torches Academy professional development opportunities.

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