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Discover what makes Torches Academy the best place to learn music production! Based in Connecticut with students around the world, awarding winning producer Mike Harrison has transformed the music education landscape with his signature blend of digital classrooms with traditional curriculum. Torches Academy excels at teaching music production thanks to their award-winning instruction, weekly digital classrooms, and innovative curriculum. Best of all, enrollment is free!

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What is Torches Academy?

Torches Academy is more than a classroom: it's a community. Imagine students of all walks of life, eager to discover their sound. From dropping the bass to conducting a digital orchestra, Torches Academy gives you the tools to find your voice.

We offer free lessons for beginners that cover music theory, industry software, and basic production techniques. For PRO students, we have intermediate and advanced lesson plans, including certification and endorsement opportunities.

With nothing more than a computer and a bit of software you can begin to learn and discover the power of digital music. No genre is too obscure or difficult to master with Torches Academy. You don't need to sit in a classroom to learn any more, you just need the right attitude and the right people. Don't just learn to make music, make music to learn!

Immediate and free enrollment available.

Mike Harrison
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FL Studio: Industry-Leading Software

At Torches Academy, we stay on top of the latest trends, techniques, and technology. From day one, FL Studio has more than met our requirements for top of the line software that's powerful enough for professional music production, but easy enough for beginners to learn. Don't get intimidated by the screenshots, most of the windows are based on real hardware that musicians use on a daily basis! Isn't it convenient that Torches Academy is full of experts?

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"Mike is easily the most talented musician I know. As a game designer, being able to design and create audio assets on my own saves me a ton of time and money. 100% worth it!"
Chris Germano
Chris Germano
Pro Student since 2016
"In less than two months Torches Academy has refined the things that took me a year and a half to learn."
Solomon Haynes
Solomon Haynes
Pro Student since 2015