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observeR TIER - FREE

  • Access to lots of free lessons - Check out our intro-tier lessons and meet your instructors!
  • Discord Access - Come hang out in our Discord server to chat with instructors and other musicians.
  • Limited Livestream Access - Come watch our public livestreams - observe and learn!



  • The Complete Lesson Curriculum - Gain access to all lessons and workshops by our instructors!
  • Full Community Access - Hang out in the Discord and get exclusive access to our forums for pro members.
  • Full Livestream Access - Don't just watch our livestreams - be the subject of them. Submit your songs to be reviewed and improved live.
  • Exclusive Workshops - Get full access to all guest instructor content and one-time workshops.
  • Archive Access - Free rein on our preset packs, templates, loops, and downloadable music.
  • Opportunities - Be first in line to hear about our freelancing, scoring, and licensing opportunities.

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